Ceramic Parts Makers Poised For Marked Competitive Advantage

market_pageCompanies who use the Scientific Ceramic injection molding technology will have a distinct advantage over traditional manufacturers. They can achieve faster service at the same time that they lower their overhead and equipment expenses.

Imagine having the freedom to offer different iterations faster and at lower cost to the design team. Think of delivering new products in 8 weeks instead of 24 or more. Consider the manpower savings as the parts come from the mold with less need for any additional cleaning or detailing before sintering… and you produce uniform parts time after time.

You can more cheaply experiment with creating new uses for durable ceramic parts. Clients will come back to you with more orders and they will recommend you to other businesses. You’ll have savings to use on upgrading new equipment, expanding the business, or simply taking profit for your use.

market_page_1Reduce Overhead and Capital Equipment Expenses
Companies save overhead because they have less need for heating and cooling feedstock or high pressure at injection or during sintering. And they save with simpler mold injection and non-toxic debinding.

They eliminate the cost and down-time from re-chroming dies every few thousand uses. In addition, they can see capital equipment savings with low pressure tooling. Their machines need only clamp at 3000 lbs. instead of 100,000 lbs.


Faster Processing
Scientific Ceramic Engineering pairs with Rapid Die Technology. Instead of 24+ weeks to build tooling, inject cores, inject wax, and run through the casting processes SCE Inc. will enable you to deliver parts to your customer only 8 weeks after kickoff. You can affordably construct multiple cavity blocks. So customers can quickly and easily test multiple iterations of their designs.

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