Create Stronger Complex 3D Ceramic Parts

Create Stronger Complex 3D Ceramic Parts


Ceramic Castings in 1/3 the Time
With Markedly Lower Overhead and Machine Costs

Scientific Ceramic Engineering’s (SCE) technology improves ceramic formulation and manufacturing.

New formulas permit room-temperature molding. Tool and die makers no longer face the expense of high heat and pressure in molding ceramic parts which means lower cost dies and molds. The improved ceramic binder replaces toxic additives.

Indeed, the binder is so safe, it has been used in blood plasma transfusions! And the binder can be removed without solvents.

SCE combined with the Rapid Die Technology shortens the cored casting process from 24+ weeks to about 8 weeks- a 66% reduction in time. It also lets you construct multiple cavity blocks affordably. Let your customer test multiple versions of their designs— bringing more work into your casting facility.

You gain a remarkable advantage over competitors. Plus your capital equipment costs drop. The ceramic mold task that used to require a 100,000 lbs. clamping force now only requires 3000 lbs. And you don’t need high pressure machinery to force slurry into molds. The lower injection pressures reduce die erosion, which cuts costly die maintenance.

Scientific Ceramic Engineering offers the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market for a competitive advantage
  • Lower capital equipment costs and reduced overhead costs
  • Effective for complex ceramic shapes with high detail feature fill for those extremely technical projects
  • Consistent dimensions after sintering for reliable accuracy
  • Increased green body strength for better machining
  • Improved strength and toughness for stronger finished product

Ceramic injection molding allows you to quickly create complex ceramic components without the need for costly machining. Do it faster and cheaper with Scientific Ceramic Engineering’s proven formula and manufacturing process.